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How to sell your house in the best way

When faced with the decision to sell your property can be question marks easily accumulate. When is the best time of year? Should I buy or sell first? And how much do I fix the house before I sell? We let a real estate expert supply with much needed tips.

1. As of year is best to sell the house?

– It depends on what kind of house it comes, where it is located and how the market looks like right there and then. Many want to showcase lush private gardens or sea and maritime property in spring and early summer. At the time, there may be competition of several similar items why another time with fewer items for sale can be better.

2. Should I buy or sell first?

– Here, I think you should take into account its economic and familial situation. Selling only gives the advantage of knowing what money is left over for future housing, while the uncertainty of finding a new home before the completion date and the final price is. A family with many children may not have the opportunity to live out of a suitcase and temporary housing far from the school and preschool.

– Buying only solves the problem of where to move, however, with uncertainty about the price and the sale of the old residence. Try to buy and sell in the same market. When there is less risk of unexpected price differences. The best advice is to prepare its own sales before looking at the new residence. Select brokers in early grinds on selling texts, good pictures and maybe even collect speculators to your future sales. Then simply press the button when your new dream home turns up.

3. How much should I fix the house before the sale?

– To fix that bar is missing and the door handle that has been dissolved in a few years should certainly be done. Likewise, to show a tidy home gives a better impression. As regards any renovations you should discuss this with the broker if they pay off or not.

4. What will I earn to hire a broker?

– The sales process is a registered broker who is a pro in just bostadsbyten and all that it involves. You should expect that the deal is right and proper and that the broker is impartial between buyers and sellers. The estate agent’s marketing reach many marketplaces and potential speculators as individuals does not reach, which can provide benefits in the deal.

5. What do I do?

– Pick and pack, if you do not hire companies offer this. Otherwise helps broker with most things in the mediation process.

6. How long will it take – from contact with the broker sold the house?

– Sweden is a large country with large and small house in big and small towns. There are houses that have been sold in the space of a few days ago the broker contacted, while other houses have marketed several years before any strike.

7. If I think the bid I received is too low – I can pull myself out of the sale?

– Both buyers and sellers can withdraw before binding purchase contract has been concluded. “Nothing is done until it is written,” broker usually express it.

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