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Real Estate Tips: Buying A New Home

In addition to a current pre-approval in hand, it’s nice to have a list of things to call a little extra at the seams when you go on tour. Here is a checklist that you can go through to make the buy, a success.


Number one! If you have decided to purchase a house, the first thing you must do to obtain a loan commitment from a bank or mortgage lenders. With that in hand, the pursuit of the dream house can initiate!


To find out what kind of houses for sale in the area you are interested, you can scour the internet for listings or get real estate lawyer services in the particular neighborhood.

Once you find a house, you will be enticed to take a closer look at it – go on viewings, even if it’s not your dream home! The more houses you look at, the more you learn about what you think is important. Equip yourself with a ruler tape, paper, pen and some questions about the property that you’d like to clarify with the broker.


How is the house? You can change almost everything in the house – but the situation is difficult to change. You have to be happy with what you need to encounter on a regular basis. Is there a high visibility from the neighbors? Are there any major establishments near your home? Take a walk in the surroundings and get familiar with the area. Perhaps it is important for you to stay close to kindergartens and schools especially when you have kids.


When was the house built and in what condition is it? Is there a need to renovate? The house mainly consists of roof, facade, foundation, and windows. Are there cracks in the foundation? What is the current condition of the facade and what materials are used? A brick facade is nearly maintenance free, while a wood facade needs some repainting over time. Foundations are an important part of the house’s construction. Replacing windows can also be costly, so verify with the seller. Ask questions about drainage needs and pay attention to moisture damage. You can seek the help of a real estate title company to get more details on how to schedule an inspection.


It is easy to notice details such as an ugly wallpaper or a worn floor, but try to think big. A wall or a floor is often easy to fix, but what about the layout – does it fit your needs? To renovate the kitchen and bathroom will cost you money. Do they have to be completely renovated? In a kitchen, you can replace the tile, counter top and paint the cupboards to get a new impression at a reasonable cost, but a bathroom renovation can make you think twice about your budget. How does it smell inside the house? Also, take a careful look in the basement and the attic to check for any moisture damage.


Operating expenses are to be considered aside from the purchase bid. You need to get the relevant information from the seller. If you have a large family, expect bigger expenses. What about the house heating system? Is it new or old? For example, a newly installed modern heat pump gets more merit compared with an older oil-fired boiler. Operating expenses included except electricity and heating, garbage collection, sweeping, water, sewage, property taxes and home insurance. Don’t also forget to add the cost of getting a real estate title insurance in Jacksonville, FL.

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